Building a Pyramid of Music Power

The Persuaderz are a Twin Cities rock & roll cover duo consisting of two OG's (Original Gregs)- Greg Smith and Gregg Randahl. The band's song list consists of classic rock, pop, soul, funk/r&b, and more! If you are looking for a great time, great music, and probably some dad jokes, book the Persuaderz today! Here are some videos of us playing "You Wreck Me" (Tom Petty), "Tube Snake Boogie" (ZZ Top), and "All Shook Up" (Elvis Presley).

Davy Jones

"Once you're in the pyramid of rock, you're in. There is no coming back from it."

Greg Smith - Guitar/Vocals
Peter Tork

"I would say we are like a viniagrette on the salad of local dives, if viniagrette was made of soul."

Gregg Randahl- Bass/Vocals